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Find the best Helicopter for rent in the Philippines!

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Visit the best tourist destinations on a private helicopter tour. The greatest companies on the market are offering the best helicopter for rent in Philippines. Find best plane tours near me, private helicopter tours, and helicopter rides on The Luxe Guide so you can have a luxurious experience like no other.

Our Top 10 Helicopter Experiences in the Philippines

Discover our selection of the best flying experiences in the Philippines

#1 - Pinatubo Volcano Tour

Departure from Manila

Be fascinated by the aerial landscape of the country’s most prominent stratovolcanoes in the Philippines Mt. Pinatubo, by hopping in our exclusive helicopter. 

#2 - Antonio's Restaurant Helico Experience

Departure from Manila

Book a flight now directly to Antonio’s Restaurant by helicopter for an exclusive experience of seeing the best of Tagaytay and spending your time in culinary indulgence.

#3 - Banaue Rice Terraces Helico Tour

Departure from Manila

Types of Aircraft Rentals in the Philippines

Rent the perfect type of Aircraft available in the Philippines. Choose between private jets, helicopters, seaplanes or normal planes for charter in the Philippines


Rent a Luxury Let all over the Philippines. Fly to Cebu, Palawan or Clark.

Flying Experiences ideas in the Philippines

Discover our selected luxury experiences inthe Philippines. Enjoy helicopter tours in Boracay, flying experiences in Cebu or Clark, or aerial experience over Boracay.

Helicopter Rental News


An helicopter will cost from Php 30,000 per hour for the smalest helicopter such as Robinson R44 to several hundred thousand of Pesos for larger capacity ones.

Booking a helicopter tour is simple. Go the the flying experience or aircraft rental page of your choice and message our partner.

If you are a professional willing to post your company or aircraft on The Luxe Guide, please contact us.

There are many amazing flying experiences available. Our choice would be a day flying to Antonio’s restaurant in Tagaytay or an helico tour over Boracay island.

Best Helicopter Professionals


 137 total views,  1 views today



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