Tilt Around Verde Island Passage

Tilt Asia starts their 'Tilt Around' travel series with a trip around the Tingloy, Verde Island Passage with hosts Justin Quirino and Z Saldua. The first episode revolves around four volunteers who are determined to preserve the Verde Island Passage which is a declared marine-protected area. The first stop in their roundtrip is the Tre Bale Vista Inn wherein they interviewed Tak Vergara, the co-owner of the inn, who volunteers in the SEA institute. He helps through coral-monitoring and encouraging the children in their area to help him clean up. Justin and Z's next stop was the Batalan Grill Restaurant where they met a woman called 'Ate Princess Aldovino'. She is the president of the Batalang Bato Management Council which is an organization responsible for closely supervising the implementation of the rules and regulations to guard the marine-protected area. When interviewed, she implored the youth to take part of their cause for the sake of the generations to come. The third volunteer featured is Lesther Manalo who was influenced by his father's, desire to enlist for reef monitoring in Masasa beach. In the event that they see changes in the condition of the coral reefs, they report it to the Executive Director of the SEA Institute. They also look out for the 'Crown of Thorns' which is a large starfish that preys on corals, effectively killing them within twenty-four hours. Lesther's father, Rey Manalo, asks tourists to enjoy their stay at the beach, at the same time to consider the negative effects of the trash they leave. He advocates the bringing home of one's trash. The video ends with a synthesis of what Tilt has learned and why the protection of marine areas is important to the biodeiversity of the marine ecosystems. 


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