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About the Rolls-Royce Ghost

If the Rolls-Royce Phantom is too huge for your needs but you want a Rolls-Royce, don't worry, there's the smaller (but still relatively huge to the other models) Ghost. First introduced in 2009, the Ghost was the only model sold alongside the Phantom. The design looks modern and features softer lines, yet still completely elegant. The Ghost is now in its second series (still the same first generation, but updates were done) which was unveiled last 2014. 

The updated Ghost features redesigned headlamps and front bumper. The hood also gained some minor redesign, adding a tapered crease on the center of the hood. The character line that runs on the sides of the Ghost was also altered, making it more pronounced. Apart from other visual cue changes, Rolls-Royce added more exterior options like paint and wheel options. 

Inside, the front seats were redesigned as well, and some interior trims were altered to give it a better look. The interior is very posh, and very much alike to the Phantom in terms of trim. The difference is that the dashboard of the Ghost curves over the gauge cluster. Like the Phantom, the Ghost features three classic-looking round dials; the power reserve gauge, speedometer, fuel and oil dial in one gauge. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped with wood veneered spokes as an option. The carpets are also made of lambswool, and these carpets are one of the most comfortable carpets available in the automotive market.

Overall, the Ghost is a slightly smaller Rolls-Royce, but the luxurious features are very much ample. It can provide one of the best cruising experience out there. 

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