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About the Rolls-Royce Dawn

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is one of the most appealing luxury convertibles available in the market. Closely resembling the Wraith, it is in fact 80 percent brand new and only 20 percent is shared with the Wraith. It was introduced in 2015 and is intended to replace the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. The design is elegant, just like how every Rolls Royce cars were designed. The Dawn is beautifully crafted in Goodwood England, home of the British luxury manufacturer. 

Under the hood lies a 6.6L twin-turbo V12, the same engine found in the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Its powerful engine isn't meant for sporty performance but rather steady cruising in comfort and style. Drop the top for an open road feel in a very prestigious luxury car or keep it up for a quiet and serene driving experience. The air suspension provides a smooth impact as well as smooth driving. Just like the Wraith, the Dawn features rear-hinged suicide doors that open gracefully to welcome you as you climb in. To close it, a button is available on the dashboard to avoid the unnecessary reaching out to manually close the door. A luxury car like this needs power operated doors. 

Exploring the inside of the Dawn is similar to the Wraith. Leather seats, leather door panels, leather steering wheel, a plethora of leather trims everywhere. Add to that the wood veneers that can be customized, depending on the taste of the customer. A graceful wood veneered deck is adorned when the top is down, giving a luxurious impression of a yacht. 

The Dawn sets a new kind of horizon in the market of luxury convertibles. It sets the standards of how luxury convertibles should be. It is the perfect luxury convertible available, and as per any other Rolls-Royce, only selected people are qualified to own one. 

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