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Each piece from Royal Gem’s selection is a story-teller – whether it is a piece of family history or one that triggers a personal memory, thereby always keeping it alive. Guided by the principles of integrity, innovation, excellence, and commitment to offering pieces of beauty, quality, and value, Royal Gem’s ultimate dream is to be a part of people’s milestones. Because memories come in different forms, from smaller, day-to-day recollections that are part of a bigger story, to historic milestones that are vital in shaping who we are, Royal Gem sees to it that their jewelry are as varied as our memories, offering a wide range from casual, elegant pieces to stand-out high jewelry.

Royal Gem’s pieces are not just works of art, but also a testament of quality and craftsmanship honed from over 3 decades of experience in the industry. These are pieces that are meant to be worn and appreciated both now and in the many years to come. They are proof that not all beauty is fleeting, and some forms of it do stand the test of time.

Royal Gem’s designs are a marriage of the timeless and the contemporary. They are a fresh take on the classics, infused with elegance and sophistication with the innovation of youth. We constantly innovate by providing pieces that complement a woman’s love for fashion and prevailing trends, but whose self-awareness dictates her own unique style.


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