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Category: Fashion
Established: 1949

Onitsuka Tiger had its humble beginnings in post-WWII Japan. Founded by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, the company was built on the belief that playing sports could transform lives, connect people, and unite communities. During those times, they desired  to spread this ideal to the Japanese youth. The same philosophy remains true, though seventy years have passed. "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" which means "Sound mind, sound body". It is this Latin maxim that was the ethos behind Onitsuka Tiger, later turning into the acronym ASICS. Since then, the company has been creating specialty shoes for football, running, martial arts, volleyball, golf, sneakers, and many more.

Onitsuka Tiger as a lifestyle brand has preserved its Japanese heritage, and at the same time, has fused this with the fresh flair of the modern times. The brand has kept its classic silhouettes and have expanded and adapted to the latest and unique styles, a result of innovative collaborations with artists and cultural connoisseurs who share the same vision. Nevertheless, the culture and spirit of Japan shines through each new collection that is released.

Latest Magazine

Posted on 05 July 2019
Onitsuka Tiger is a fashion brand known for their sports footwear. That said, among the newly released products from their Autumn Winter Collection...

Posted on 04 July 2019
Onitsuka Tiger officially released its Autumn Winter collection for 2019 at Warehouse 30, a restaurant and event place in Bangkok last Tuesday, June...

The company's 70th anniversary was celebrated through the relaunching of the OK Basketball line which was the first basketball shoes Onitsuka Tiger...




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