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Established: 1946

Christian Dior SE is a holding company listed on the Paris stock exchange, which holds 41.1% of the capital 10 and 56.4% of the voting rights of the LVMH group [ref. required]. Heritage of couturier Christian Dior, benefiting from the “haute couture” label within its subsidiary Christian Dior Couture founded in 1946 by Marcel Boussac, the company now includes cosmetic, perfume, jewelry, and leather goods companies (shoes and bags hand), wine, spirits, and selective distribution, in addition to sewing. Controlled by the Arnault family group and controlling 41.1% of the LVMH group, Christian Dior SE, commonly known as Dior, is one of the most important companies in the world in the luxury sector.

A distinction must therefore be made, under close names, the Christian Dior SE holding company, styling LVMH SA (Parfums Christian Dior is 100% owned by LVMH SA 12 ), and Christian Dior Couture 100% owned by the holding company: three different, separate companies, but nested. Christian Dior Couture was finally integrated into LVMH in 2017 through a financial package where the luxury group bought Dior Couture for 6.5 billion euros. This sum used for the Arnault family to strengthen within LVMH.



Founded on October 8, 1946, The company was inaugurated on December 16 following 15 . It was founded by fashion designer Christian Dior with the participation of Marcel Boussac who invested 60 million francs and granted him a fashion house in his name, at 30, avenue Montaigne in a private mansion. He thus embarked on fashion and haute couture. Marcel Boussac, Trimard of fabric , had chosen his foal well: three meters to make a dress before, it suddenly takes twenty to make a Christian Dior dress.

The New Look

On February 12, 1947, Christian Dior presented his first fashion show, designed in collaboration with his team, including Pierre Cardin, then first tailor. The collection redraws the feminine silhouette, whose line goes against that which prevailed before the war: waisted waist, high and round chest, narrow shoulders, legs covered N 2 up to 40  cm above the ground. The tailor Bar 16 is the flagship model of the 1947 spring-summer collection.

In 1954, the designer presented the H line, nicknamed flat look or "green bean". Unlike its previous collections, this one adopts a long style and a slightly marked size. [ref. necessary] Among all the lines created by the designer ( Corolle and, then again Corolle, Envol and Zig Zag, Winged, Trompe-l'oeil , Mid-Century, Vertical, Oblique, Natural, Long, Sinuous, Contoured, Tulip, Vivante, Muguet, Flèche, Aimant, Libre et Fuseau ) we can, however, distinguish three major periods in the style of Christian Dior: the first is marked by the influence of the New Look, nickname given to the very first collection, presented in 1947. The second, which extends from 1950 to 1953, is characterized by less voluptuous curves, where the waist and hips are less marked. The last corresponds to the H line of 1954, where the size seems to disappear and where the curves are noticeably erased, in an aesthetic which recalls the style of the 1920s.

On the advice of a childhood friend, he launched, at the same time as his fashion house and his first collection, a perfume company, also funded by Boussac. Obvious for the designer who writes "in my opinion, it is as important for a woman to have a subtle perfume as elegant outfits". The first fragrance, launched as a limited edition in 1947, is called Miss Dior.

He left for the United States to conquer this booming market in 1947, less than a year after the launch of his first collection. Going first to receive the Oscar awarded to him by Neiman Marcus for his first collection, he would later open Christian Dior New York Inc. He opened public relations offices around the world, organized parades on a planetary scale, he uses radio and television to promote the brand. He is the designer of the stars and dresses notably Marlène Dietrich, Liz Taylor, Ava Gardner or Marilyn Monroe. In 1957, his house provided more than half of French couture exports, and Time Magazinedevotes it to its front page, posing with his left-handed scissors. He was also the first to introduce the licensing system, allowing manufacturers of accessories to label their products with his name. This is how the Dior socks were launched in 1949, one example among others of the entrepreneurial spirit of Christian Dior, who then inaugurated a new economic model for the era.

In eleven years, its activity extends to fifteen countries and ensures the employment of more than two thousand people. During this period, one hundred thousand dresses were sold.


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