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Established: 1829

Delvaux is a Belgian luxury leather goods company founded in 1829 by Charles Delvaux in Brussels.


Origins ​

In 1829 Charles Delvaux opened his shop by piercing a window in a wall of his workshop in the heart of Brussels. At the end of the century, Delvaux gets the title of "Purveyor of the Court of Belgium".The Delvaux family is striving therefore to protect the rights of his original creations. In 1933, the Delvaux house was taken over by the Belgian Franz Schwennicke, 35 years old. Franz Schwennicke has no experience in the luxury goods industry yet. The Delvaux house can only be summed up in a window and an old name. During the 1950s, the company created dozens of original bag models as part of seasonal collections. Franz Schwennicke later joined forces with other luxury goods houses in Brussels to found the "Thirty", made up of thirty companies. Together they created joint advertising campaigns for the seasonal gift market.

In 1970, following complications from a hip operation, Franz Schwennicke died. From then on it was his young wife, Solange Schwennicke who took over the business. She then fought to be respected as a woman at the head of a traditional production company, she also struggled to have Delvaux recognized as a luxury brand against the big brands of Paris and London. It was during this period that Delvaux became more and more identified with its “D” logo. At that time the future of the company seemed secure. The conspicuous consumption of the 1980s was advantageous for the leather goods market and Delvaux experienced its strongest expansion, which culminated with the opening of 1990.
In 1994, his son François Schwennicke became head of the company.

In 2011, Delvaux became part of China. A Hong Kong company, Fung Brands Limited, takes a majority stake (80%).

In March 2018, Delvaux announces the opening of a second workshop in France and plans to open its first store in the United States in October 2018

From trunks to suitcases until the creation of handbags 

The evolution of means of transport in Western Europe leads Delvaux to reflect on the requirements of carriage, boat and train travel.

The carriage: carriage travelers from the middle of the century require fairly large trunks in order to contain the extravagant outfits of the time; Delvaux models were distinguished by a series of small drawers inserted in the lids and which allowed secure storage of intimate or precious objects. They had to be strong to withstand rooftop travel and Belgian weather conditions.

The boat  : for those traveling on cruise ships departing from Antwerp , the luggage had to be large enough to be able to put all the refined toilets necessary for first-class travelers, but also strong enough to withstand shocks and humidity.

The train: traveling by train brings the idea of ​​easily stackable suitcases and leads to a boom in modern business travel. These create a demand for practical items such as briefcases, briefcases, bags designed for short stays, suitcases for carrying equipment and for the ladies a smaller piece of luggage namely the handbag.





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