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Established: 1910

Chanel SA, known as Chanel, is a French company producing haute couture, as well as ready-to-wear, accessories, perfumes and various luxury products. It originated in the fashion house that Coco Chanel had created in 1910 but resulted from the acquisition of Chanel (couture) by the company Les Parfums Chanel in 1954. It belongs to Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer, the grandsons of Coco Chanel partner Pierre Wertheimer and controlled by a holding company located in the Netherlands .


The beginnings ​

The first outlet of Gabrielle Chanel, then milliner, is located in a Parisian apartment, at 160 boulevard Malesherbes, then loaned by her lover of the moment, the rich and attractive Étienne Balsan. Leaving Balsan, Coco Chanel goes to live with his friend, Arthur "Boy" Capel (Coco then gave this name to the famous bag model "boy"); the two men agree to jointly support the affairs of Coco. These are flourishing, the apartment becomes too small and Arthur Capel then finances, in 1910, premises at 21, rue Cambon: it is the beginning of "Chanel Modes ". It is then only that shop and there was ban will sell clothes for a seamstress was already at that address as stated in the commercial lease.

In 1913, Coco Chanel developed its activities by opening its first clothing store, funded by "Boy" Capel, in Deauville 8 , 9 , n 2 . While the First World War began, Coco Chanel remained in the popular seaside resort of wealthy Parisians 11 . In 1914, Gabrielle Chanel spent a weekend in Biarritz, a place where business was done in these wartime times, with her lover: a second boutique opened its doors the following year in this city spared by the war. In 1917, she produced the costumes for the ballet, Le Train Bleu.

The interwar period

At the end of the War, Gabrielle Chanel reimbursed her lover's investment and became financially independent. It then opened at 31 rue Cambon in Paris in 1918. In the 1920s, the global economy is recovering from the war and Coco Chanel expanding its operations by opening workshops, offices, and another shop and later offices in the numbers 25, 27 and 23 of the rue Cambon 15 . A point of sale also opens in Cannes.

Ernest Beaux offered him to create his own fragrance 14  : N o  5 , which will be sold in 1921, initially only in Chanel boutiques 14 and proposed after perfumers 16 . It will become one of the best-selling perfumes in the world 17 .

In 1924, Coco Chanel met Longchamp from Pierre and Paul Wertheimer, powerful owners of Bourjois perfumes; relying on the financial foundation of the two brothers, she obtained 10% of Chanel Perfumes, a contract which did not change until 1948. Inspired by the clothes of her lovers, more generally, by the convenience of menswear, and by his desire to emancipate woman, Gabrielle Chanel introduced its collections the Jersey of Rodier, tweed, the buttons and loops uniform, cardigans, costume jewelry, pants for women and fashion short hair. She makes camellia her favorite flower. We find it from one season to another in the creations of the house, to the point of becoming emblematic. Coco Chanel participated in the revolution of women's fashion by replacing the traditional corset with the comfort and elegance of simple dresses or suits. She offers women practical and sober outfits, creates floating clothes, shortens skirts and popularizes Jersey, a light fabric used for underwear. His style is refined and the colors are neutral.

The Chanel company 

Economic, financial and marketing data​

Worldwide, the turnover of the Chanel company amounted to 6.7 billion euros for the year 2014. According to, Capital magazine , in 2016, that of France, represents 291 million euros.


The Chanel fashion show of March 6, 2018, at the Grand Palais arouses controversy because the decor consists of trees cut in the forest and imported to the site.

In terms of CSR, the France Nature Environnement association denounces this practice, in “complete discrepancy with the real challenges of protecting nature and the environment”.

Letters "CHANEL"

Chanel replied in a press release that it undertook to replant 100 new oaks in the same forest and that the trees were acquired as part of an authorized cutting plan.

In 2018, Chanel obtained a score of 3% transparency on traceability and its social and environmental policy in the Fashion Transparency Index drawn up by Fashion Revolution  (en) , one of the lowest of the 150 most important textile companies in the world. worldwide.


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