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Established: 2002


Inspired by Aviation, the Bremont Watch Company is based in Britain but have expanded their brand and production across the world. Since 2002, founding brothers, Nick and Giles English have upheld the inspiration that made their watches famous, shown through their watches’ aircraft themed and mechanically focused models. With classic curves and proportionate faces, these watches are true representations of this British company’s image and branding.


Bremont boasts a strong following among military types, having perfected the art of aviation horology among other things.

In fact, many of Bremont’s special edition releases are available exclusively to those who served on the same aircraft or warship that the watch is commemorating.


Bremont focuses purely on beautifully made mechanical movements. Each Bremont watch is finished with the highest levels of craftsmanship, whether in a clear-backed case or not and all are guaranteed to within -4 and +6 seconds per day.

Bremont is one of the few watch makers to offer a 3-year warranty on every timepiece, producing some of the finest quality watches in its price point.




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