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Balesin Island

About Balesin Island

Category: Hotels & Luxury Retreats
Brand Name: Balesin Island
Established: 2012

A members-only island retreat 60 nautical miles away from Manila, Balesin is a prime getaway spot that combines the famed Filipino hospitality with luxe indulgence. It has seven villages of accommodations that are expertly recreated after themes such as Phuket, Mykonos, Costa del Sol, and Toscana - and offers a wide array of land and water-based activities for guests.

Explore the wonders of its picturesque views and lush surroundings, while contributing to a thriving ecosystem built to preserve its beauty. Balesin employs sustainable practices including water harvesting, water recycling, and organic farming, as well as utilizes alternative sources of energy to power up its top-of-the-line facilities.