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Established: 1918

From its origins as a Dutch boat builder, AMELS has grown as part of the Damen Shipyards Group powerhouse into the largest luxury yacht building yard in the Netherlands, recognized worldwide as a symbol of pedigree and the absolute highest quality and finish. It's a heritage that is proud to continue.

Latest Magazine

Posted on 04 September 2020
Magazine | Yachts & Watercrafts - Philippines Luxury Guide
Created in 2016 on behalf of a wealthy individual, the M/Y Plvs Vltra was built with a steel hull by experts at Moran Yacht and Barco. At 74 metres...

Posted on 07 November 2019
Magazine | Yachts & Watercrafts - Philippines Luxury Guide
The Superyacht is now under construction and is ready for delivery in spring 2022, and is supplied by the AMELS engineering Hybrid. "The AMELS 60 is...




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