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About Aero Tour

Heritage: Philippines
Established: 2010

Aero-tour is a one-stop-shop for your aviation needs in the Philippines. We provide chartered flights, aircraft ground handling, and airport VIP escort services. The company provides a wide array of air assets from 3 seater planes to business jets and helicopters.  We also provide consultation for aircraft acquisition, aircraft parking, and other aviation-related services.

Aero-tour has left an indelible mark in the Philippine archipelago’s 7,107 islands. Showcasing each island’s unique pristine beauty of diverse flora and fauna, aero-tour has reached the farthest and most diverse areas with its wide array of aircraft.

Travel with style with aero-tour. Whether a business flight, wedding engagement, birthdays or just simply to impress a loved one, aero-tour dedicated team and a wide selection of airplanes, helicopters can assure you that it will be a memorable experience to be forever cherished.

Aero-tour is your private flight solution. Your privacy and comfort is our utmost priority. We assure you of a first-class experience. Our dedicated team will attend to your needs and will make sure the highest service will be provided. We guarantee a worry-free experience as we lead you to your destination.

Every client has their unique needs and our support team ensures that these are met.  We assure you that we’ll provide cost-effective and efficient air transportation without compromising safety. We are eager to hear from you so give us a call and the rest will be taken care of.


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