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Island Buenavista

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About the Island Buenavista

A four-hectare island along the Davao Gulf, Island Buenavista is a private escape to a paradise of picturesque views, lush landscapes, and an amazing tropical experience. Walk along the fine sandy beach or explore the teeming underwater life, or sit back and enjoy the Southern brand of Filipino hospitality.


Maximum Capacity:
30 pax
Retreat Type:
Exclusive Islands

About Buenavista Island Resort

The Island Buenavista is an idyllic 4-hectare paradise you can call your own. This beautiful paradise is an eco-friendly island and is surrounded by colorful sealife and breathtaking coral reefs teaming with crystal clear blue waters. This private island is a proud home of Hawksbill turtles; the island declared protected area by the city government of Samal. Because of the beautiful marine life, this is a great place for snorkeling, swimming and even kayaking.


You can enjoy the utmost privacy and luxury in the Private Island. They offer a selection of accommodations that will fit your tropical vacation needs. They offer the Family Suite which could accommodate up to 18 people, having 4 spacious bedrooms all complete with kitchen, bathroom and a living room. Another is the Executive Suite which can house 4 people in 1 bedroom which is complete with a spacious bathroom and living room. The Island Suites can house 2 people offering relaxation and tranquility which is only a few steps away from the beach. Lastly, the offer Beach Huts which are Balinese-inspired huts which are right next to the beach cleverly designed to ensure full privacy and tranquility.


•     Accommodations:

           - The Family Villa

           - Executive Suite

           - Two (2) Island Suites

           - Six (6) Beach Huts


Sumptuous meals are served at the Dining Lounge, buffet table is prepared at the pavilion and lavished local dishes made with seafood, pork, chicken, barbecue, hito, and added with a refreshing buko juice. For exotic mouthwatering food, they serve sea urchins dipped in vinegar, “sea roaches” delectably tasty like peanuts, funny shaped oyster shells which locals amusingly call bilatbato, is also served.


The Island Buenavista offers lush amenities that you will truly enjoy. They have The Pavilion which is an open-air, wooden structure with a lovely view of the beach, meals and snacks are served here. For the swimming pool, have the kidney-shaped Island Pool that is 4-foot-deep surrounded by lush vegetation. Island Pool also has kids area where they can enjoy. The island also offers a Gazebo perfect for socializing and sunset viewing. All Amenities in the island is all yours, enjoy and relax at your own pace and privacy.

About the Establishment

Island Buenavista

The Island Buenavista is an exclusive island resort in Samal, Davao, Philippines, thriving with lush tropical vegetation and numerous palm trees.

Here, you can enjoy the utmost privacy because this luxury beach resort is only rented out as a whole to one group at a given time. That means YOU OWN THE ISLAND for the period that you booked.

A white sandy beach, as well as crystal clear waters of the Davao Gulf, envelops this four-hectare paradise. Several meters from the beach, you will find beautiful coral reefs and abundant marine life–making Buenavista a remarkable diving destination as well.

You can enjoy the whole island and you get to choose whom to enjoy it with, because it is yours exclusively. There’s just you and our courteous staff, who are at your beck and call to give you personalized service.

All you have to do is relax, enjoy, do anything (or nothing at all) in the comfort of your private island getaway.


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