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Palawan Private Resort For Sale 3H

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USD 10,000,000.00

About the Palawan Private Resort For Sale 3H

This private island is a pristine forested Island tastefully developed in exquisite attention to detail. There is nothing like it in Palawan. Solar-powered. Artesian spring water. Heli Pad. 3 miles to Taytay airport. Boat harbor. Island is surrounded by 70-hectare official marine sanctuary (over 4km circumference). The reef is considered one of the best in the Philippines.

Currently business operated, the island is fully developed with room and permits available for additions.

The property is under Tax Declaration.


Island Specific(s):
Developed, Helipad, Front Beach, Fine White Sand, Water Source, Solar Operated, Business Operated
Year(s) Owned by Owner:
Number of Year(s) on Sale:

The Main House

The main house is a tropical mansion nestled in the rainforest right in the middle of the island with a pool and panoramic views. This grand tropical residence is built from solid local hardwoods, handcrafted in an artistically using local stones, luminescent shells and mosaic glass. Much of the main house is a spacious common area with high ceilings where all island guests are welcome. The great room features indoor waterfalls that flow into streams which eventually run down the main staircases. It’s quite a spectacular feature. The waterfalls make aqua sounds that make you feel cool, relaxed and calm.

The spacious outdoor balcony at the Main House is home to a deep blue infinity swimming pool with 190-degree ocean and rainforest views. From there you make your way through the fold-away walls into the great room of couches and oversized lounge chairs, a card table, cocktail tables a custom carved billiard table then to the bar. Fans and lights are suspended from the towering ceilings and a soft breeze flows and cools. The Main House continues deeper into the mansion and includes five bathrooms, two living rooms, a bar and a dining area with seating for 10 – 18 depending upon your dinner party request.  

The Master Suite

This beautiful suite is 64 square metres and features an eight-foot round bed set in custom timber cabinetry, enclosed in delicate netting flowing from a gabled ceiling high above. This special feature is complemented by his-and-her walk-in closets, his-and-her bathrooms, a shower room, a separate sitting area, five ceiling fans and air conditioning. Outside the six-meter sliding doors have an open-air shower on one side and a 2+ person bathtub on the other. Beyond is a garden, lawn and small deck overlooking the sea.

The Guest House

The Guest House sits overlooking the wharf and coral reef, across the Sulu Sea to the picturesque islands and escarpments of the famous Palawan. This island-style tropical heritage building is home to four beautiful guest rooms and suites. You may choose from the Jasmine Room, the Capiz Suite, the Ylang Ylang Room and the stunning Honeymoon Suite on the rooftop. Each is well appointed to maximise the comfort of your stay: king-size beds, huge bathrooms and stunning views. The Guest House is a short stroll along the edge of the rainforest to the beach and Sango Point where your meals are served. Far enough for total seclusion, close enough for easy access to the bar and beach.

The Spa

The spa is located on the top peak of the Island is just the most unique piece of island architecture you have ever seen and it is the temple of relaxation for our guests. Your journey there takes you through the jungle along handmade stone pathways and you might just meet our local monitor lizards or some friendly geckos in the steamy forest. The birds will tell our staff that you are on your way.

The Sango Beach Restaurant

Sango means ‘coral’ in Japanese and Sango Point is right where the name suggests: on the white sands overlooking the reef. It is here that all your meals are served and where you can take a break from the sunshine during the day. In the evening this is where the best sunsets are enjoyed with a fruit cocktail or a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc. The bar serves fruit juices and smoothies as well as soft drinks, spirits, beer and wine. The Sango Point’s tall ceilings, open sides and thatched roof are features from the exotic side of Filipino architecture.

The Reef

Surrounding the Island, under the clear turquoise water of the Sulu Sea, is a stunning coral reef considered one of the best in the Philippines. It is one of the only places in the world where you can reach a beautiful coral reef – known as a fringe reef – within a few meters of the beach and snorkel for hours and hours so close to shore. 

Additional Information

Guests are asked to use the sunscreen we provide. This product is safe for the coral which begins just four meters from the beach. It’s a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen which is 100% natural and free from all the chemicals you find in standard sunscreens in the USA, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Just a tiny amount of non-safe sunscreen in the ocean can have an immediate and devastating impact on our beautiful reef. Rash vests are highly recommended when you go snorkeling to protect your skin from the sun. 

Guests are also provided with complimentary locally-made bathroom amenities: coral-safe shampoo, conditioner, soaps and body lotion. They smell great and do not damage the delicate reef but together with the spring water on the island, leave you and your hair feeling soft and clean. That’s a win for you and a win for our beautiful environment.

It took a decade to create the structures that make this Private Island home in the tropics for our guests. This was done very carefully with consideration for minimising impact on the jungle. Local timber and stone, as well as local craftsmanship were used wherever possible. The only thing which comes from further afield is the wine we serve our guests. The closest top quality wine comes from New Zealand.

Our huge coral reef is one of the reasons why this island is such a special destination. It is the only place in the world here you can snorkel straight off the beach and within four metres find a stunning reef just like “Finding Nemo” but better. You can sit on the sand in knee-deep water while you put on your mask and fins, dip your goggled-eyes under the water, and there are five needlefish and two parrot fish cruising by. As such, we feel a responsibility as custodians of the reef. From time to time, tides and winds bring in plastic bottles and the like from other resorts and townships along the coast. 

All buildings on the island are designed to maximize airflow and ventilation so that air conditioning really is not required to be comfortable. Guestrooms have air conditioning but most guests find a fan is enough, even though we are in the tropics.



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