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Lexus LM For Rent Manila

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From PHP 3,000.00
per hour

About the Lexus LM For Rent Manila

Explore the Philippines with the Lexus LM for Rent that will bring you to your destination safe and sound. The rented Lexus LM has the best 2 rear reclining seats, power sliding doors, and, additional luxuries found at the rear cabin are a 26-inch display, a refrigerator, and umbrella storage powered with the touchscreen panel in the rear seats. LXV offers a limited number of the finest Lexus LM available for rent in the Philippines.

Travel in the rented luxury van for an elegant ride and drive around the Philippines in the rented Lexus LM. The Lexus LM for hire is one of the finest and premium minivans and promises the best features. A Lexus LM chauffeur service awaits in this elegant luxury van.

The LXV premium package is designed especially for corporate and leisure purposes. Rent the Lexus LM and tour around Metro Manila and nearby areas today! Browse here for the full list of the premium car rental available. 

Lexus LM

Lexus LM for Chauffeur Services for Rent Philippines​ 

Explore the Philippines and see the metro in real luxury when traveling in the chauffeur ride with the rented Lexus LM that will deliver you to your chosen destination. The Lexus LM for hire is a multi-purpose van for its features and luxurious design. 

Lexus LM

Lexus LM VIP Transfers for Rent Philippines

Enjoy a VIP transfer around the Philippines in the luxurious Lexus LM for rent. For private tours, weddings, and parties rent the Lexus LM to arrive safely and luxuriously at your destination. 


Chauffeured Drive, VIP Airport Shuttle, Corporate Lease, Security and Convoys
Maximum Capacity:
3 pax
Year / Model:
Car Type:
Sedan Van
2 pcs.
Exterior Color:


Available from March 2020

About the Brand



Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota and is a brand which is marketed in over 70 countries in the world. The brand starts from a confidential sedan project initiated by Eiji Toyoda. The model was completed in 1989. After a lengthy process which included various designers, engineers, technicians, prototypes, and the like, the Lexus LS 400 was unveiled publicly.


The brand offers a wide range of premium car selections including sedans, SUVs. coupes and hybrids. Each Lexus car is crafted to exhibit absolute performance, safety, and relentless innovation.


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