Luxury Car Rentals

Luxury Car Rental Types Philippines

Select the perfect rented luxury car for your travels over the alluring country of the Philippines and experience VIP transfers with the luxury cars waiting to be chartered.


Luxury Sedans for Rent Philippines

Enjoy the rented luxury sedan and drive in the BMW 7 series and the luxury Mercedes S-Class across the Philippines. Experience a relaxing ride with the BMW, Audi, and the Mercedes Benz available for rental and have a memorable drive in the country. Drive the luxury sedans for your private events, meetings, and social gatherings in the beautiful country of the Philippines. 


Luxury Vans for Rent Philippines

See the beauty of the Philippines hassle-free in the rented the Super Grandia and the luxury H350 in style and comfort! The luxury vans available for rental will certainly give you first-class travel, head to your desired destination.


Limousines for Rent Philippines

Experience the best and most comfortable tour in the Philippines with the rented luxury limousine suitable for your special events and private gatherings. LXV presents you with the exclusive limousine services, a chauffeur drive, and a bespoke-made travel sets, to let you have an incredible experience with comfort and luxury.


Coasters & Buses for Rent Philippines

Explore the cities of Metro Manila and the nearby provinces of the Philippines in the most relaxing way by the luxury bus and the coaster bus for rent that will take you to your desired place. Experience a first-class journey with the rented luxury bus that will bring you to your destination in style and comfort.


Sports Car for Rent Philippines

Travel in the Philippines with style in the rented luxury sports car and exotic cars waiting to be chartered. Providing you the excellent services and is the leading in the luxury services, LXV will bring you to your destination safe and sound in the rented luxurious sports cars.


SUVs for Rent Philippines

Experience a trip around the country of the Philippines in the luxury SUV for rent that will let you experience a first-class travel experience. The luxury SUV that is available for rental will take you anywhere in the metro to your desired location.


BulletProof Cars for Rent Philippines

Have the VIP transfers and the first-class security while you travel in the Philippines with the security transfers services and the VIP transfer service of the Philippines. The convoy services will bring you to your destination protected and secured.


Bridal Cars for Rent Philippines

A smooth drive awaits in the beautiful country of the Philippines with the luxurious bridal cars that will take you to your dream wedding. Experience hassle-free journey around the country in the rented wedding car as it delivers you to your most anticipated wedding day.


Party Bus for Rent Philippines

Experience a unique party in the Philippines with the party bus available for rental to have one of the most exclusive parties in the Philippines. Enjoy a first-class ride in the luxurious party buses and get a party with your friends and loved ones.