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Aston Martin is an English brand of luxury and racing cars, created in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. Based in Gaydon, in Warwickshire ( England ), it has been a subsidiary of Prodrive since 2007. The name comes from the fact that Lionel Martin had created a car that won the race for Aston Clinton, of which he was the winner in 1914. The merger of the two names "Aston" and "Martin" therefore gave the name of the brand. The winged emblem, introduced in 1932 by Sammy Davis, a former pilot of the Bentley brand, originates from the Egyptian god Khépri, symbolized by a scarab.



From 1910 to 1930

The first car produced by Lionel Martin was completed in 1913; it was intended to compete with Bugatti. This car reached 115  km / h. After the First World War, the firm was saved with the financial assistance of Count Zborowski, a wealthy patron of Polish origin. On May 24, 1922, the “Bunny” breaks the world record by driving 16  h 30 min at an average of 125 km / h. In 1925, the company went into liquidation but was taken over in October 1926 by Augusto César Bertelli. In 1932, an Aston Martin won the biannual Le Mans Cup.


From 1940 to 1970

In 1947, the firm faced financial difficulties, it was bought by David Brown Limited, which merged it with Lagonda, which it already owned. He installed the factory in Newport Pagnell. In 1948 the brand won the 24 Hours of Spa. In 1956 and 1959, Aston Martin attempted forays into Formula 1 but without success. In 1956, the brand won the RAC Rally with Lyndon Sims on the DB2 model. In 1959, DBRs were released, the racing cars that would make the company famous. These cars will win the 1,000  km Nürburgring three times in succession and will be victorious in numerous international races (notably with Carroll Shelby at the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans ). This same year 1959 also saw the appearance of the DB4, a model preceding the DB5 made famous by its appearance in the film Goldfinger as a James Bond company car. The brand came under the control of American investors, the Company Developments in 1972.


From 1980 to 2006

Before the mid-1980s, the company changed owners again, it was a family of Greek shipowners, the Livanos, who then owned 75% of the shares in the English firm. In 1987, the American group Ford became the majority shareholder of the firm, then acquired all of the shares in 1993. During the 1980s and 1990s, many successful models were released: DBS V8, Cabriolet Volante, Vantage, DB7 ... 2004 Aston Martin and the automotive preparer Prodrive create the Aston Martin Racing racing team.


From 2007 to 2020

A new page turns March 12, 2007for Aston Martin. The Ford group, in financial difficulty, had indeed decided to sell the brand in order to better focus on its main activity (the Ford brand). After several hypotheses, including the LVMH group, it is a consortium led by David Richards, John Sinders and two Kuwaiti companies Investment Dar and Adeem Investment who win the bet and become the new owners of Aston Martin. They announce that the production of cars will soon be outsourced.

David Richards won the world rally championship in 1981 alongside the Finn Ari Vatanen and since 1984 has directed the English company Prodrive, which manufactures spare parts for racing cars and which plans to participate in the Formula 1 World Championship in 2008 ( without further action). Aston Martin also won the 2009 Le Mans Series for its first appearance in LMP1 by finishing all races on the podium, including two victories. The coupe is named Lola-Aston Martin B09 / 60 or Lola Aston Martin DBR1-2 in tribute to the 50th anniversary of the victory of the DBR1 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1959.

In 2012, Aston Martin created his customizing antenna called Q.

In 2013, Aston Martin celebrates the centenary of its creation.

In January 2014, Aston Martin was forced to recall 17,590 vehicles, or 75% of six years of production, after discovering that one of its subcontractors was using counterfeit plastic to make part of the accelerator pedal.

In September 2014, Andy Palmer became the new boss of Aston Martin and replaced the German Ulrich Bez who left for Alset.

In July 2017, Aston Martin announced its first electric car, the RapidE. The company plans to produce 155 RapidE in 2019.

In November 2017, Aston Martin unveiled the Vantage version route and GTE.

In a new logic, Aston Martin announces the April 8, 2018that the manufacturer could return to Formula 1 as an engine manufacturer after 2020.

In 2018, the brand unveiled at the Farnborough Air Show a concept of a flying aircraft with a hybrid engine and vertical takeoff and landing, La Volante Vision by Aston Martin. The concept is created in partnership with the University of Cranfield, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, and Rolls-Royce.

In October 2018, the firm Aston-Martin-Lagonda was listed on the London stock exchange, receiving a mixed reception.

In November 2018, Aston Martin unveiled its first SUV still under camouflage, the DBX. On November 20, 2019, the manufacturer unveils the production version of the vehicle at the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show.


From 2020

January 31, 2020, English Brexit day, Lawrence Stroll takes a stake in Aston Martin by buying 16.7% of the manufacturer's shares for the sum of 216.6 million Euros. He will invest 380 million euros in the brand with the Yew Tree Overseas Limited consortium and obtain the position of Executive Chairman of the manufacturer. The Formula 1 Racing Point F1 team becomes the official Aston Martin team from 2021.


Aston Martin is a British manufacturer of elegant luxury sports cars and grand touring cars. Each Aston Martin car is enhanced with the latest technology, reputable craftsmanship, and elegant styling which make them a global brand synonymous with style, luxury, performance, and exclusivity.




Timeless design yet modern keeping the signature looks running in the blood of every brand new model, material selection proves how highly exquisite the craftsmanship is to make an Aston Martin car more than just a car, but a work of art on wheels. 


Aston Martin engineers and designers value beauty. Engineers create powerful engines that are in tune with the car. Designers form the body of every model elegantly, keeping the brand's DNA in mind. Together, it works well hand in hand, creating a truly beautiful car that is elegant, powerful, comfortable and timeless. These values define Aston Martin's brand and a testament to elegance and exclusivity.

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