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YSL Beauty launches into connected makeup with Perso

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is accelerating its home customization offering by offering an ad hoc version of the Personal connected tool.

An innovation in the fold of L'Oréal.
At the end of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2020, we introduced you to Perso, a connected tool developed by the beautytech company Modiface, bought by the L'Oréal group in 2018.

Building on ever-increasing expectations of beauty customization, the innovation is based on a mobile application where a program based on artificial intelligence can detect the needs of the skin according to contextual parameters such as the time of day or air quality. Via bluetooth, this diagnosis is transmitted to the Perso tool, a small object of about fifteen centimeters, which is then able to deliver, thanks to a system of pre-loaded doses, the most suitable products. In order to avoid waste, the size of the doses can be set up, also favoring the test and learn.

The YSL Red under the Personal Prism.
Applying to skin care, Perso is also available in the make-up segment, as evidenced by this first operation with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, a brand from L'Oréal's Luxe division.

Here, guests are invited to play with four colour families - Reds, Oranges, Roses and Nudes - to create unique and bespoke Velvet Cream Matte Finish lipstick shades. Comes with three color cartridges, the tool also adorns itself with YSL's high-end codes by donning a logo matte black coat and topped with an embossed leather hood.'

Thanks to the dedicated app, the user can also benefit from advice, inspirations or save his favorite combinations of shades.

Called "Red Custom," this on-demand solution - marketed for $299 - will be launched later this year and is currently available for pre-order.


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