Tudor Black Bay Ceramic: The watch wins the prestigious METAS watch certification

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Posted on 03 June 2021 by The Luxe Guide

November 2019 – On the occasion of the only watch charity auction, the Tudor watch brand unveils a unique model: the Black Bay Ceramic One. Two years later, Tudor announced the serial release of the famous watch in question.

At the time, the play had already caused a sensation with its entirely black execution. result? It had reached an auction price of EUR 320 000. Now available at 4,400 euros in store, the famous Swiss watchmaker honors his vision of watchmaking art without compromise. 

With technical performance always at an affordable price, the watch is in line with what the House advocates. Signature of its philosophy and know-how, the watch combines design, complexity, innovation and resistance. 

Entirely black, the clean and taut lines of the precious object remain sporty, but elegant. The piece, is dressed in two interchangeable bracelets, one of which is made of leather and rubber and the other of fabric. Made with typical finishes, the Snowflakes hand watch echoes the brand's previous diving models. In summary, a functional and aesthetic creation.

To the end, the Black Bay Ceramic is certified Master Chronometer by the independent organization METAS. The reference, to the intransigent selection criteria, guarantees the main technical attributes of a watch: precision, resistance to magnetic fields, waterproofness and autonomy.

Thanks to the various rigorous tests carried out, the METAS label ensures the following performances: accuracy at two temperatures, in six positions and at two levels of arming, at 100% and 33%, operation under magnetic field of 15,000 gauss and variation in accuracy following this exposure, waterproofing at 200 meters according to the ISO 22810:2010 standard , an autonomy of 70 hours. Finally, compliance with Swiss Made and COSC standards (official certification by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control) is required. Successfully subjected to all of these factors, the synergy of these defines the Black Bay Ceramic as a unique watch.

The pinma of innovation? The Watch ID app, from where the Black Bay can be scanned by the owner's smartphone. An ingenious way to know each individual data of its METAS control.

This new distinction, although little known outside amateur circles, makes the Black Bay Ceramic the very expression of watchmaking expertise. The result of absolute mastery, the contemporary timepiece is the demonstration of a flawless technique, at the highest level of requirement in its industry.

Discover tudor's creation in more detail here.

Photo credit: Tudor


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