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Manila is placed at a central location for travelers; it's not too far from the mountains, the sea, and the hidden gems of tourist destinations near the metro. When the bustling city life calls for a quick escape, one of the ideal ways to do this is through a helicopter day tour from Manila to popular tourist destinations. Skipping the heavy traffic, you can conveniently fly away to enjoy a refreshing break and easily be back before sundown.

Let's take a look the top 5 helicopter tours that can whisk you away to the quick vacation you deserve.

Top 1: Helicopter Tour to Antonio's in Tagaytay with Lunch

Easily a crowd-favorite, there's quite nothing like combining a luxurious helicopter ride with world-class cuisines to elevate your dining experience to a new heights. You'll never see Tagaytay the same way again after a 30-minute helicopter ride from Manila that brings sweeping views of the lush landscape below as you make your way to Antonio's Restaurant in Tagaytay. Notably one of the best fine dining restaurants in the area, Antonio's boasts a reputation of world-class gastronomic proportions that starts the moment you step foot in their restaurant. Top-notch dining experience embodied in excellent customer service, exquisite restaurant setting, and delightful flavors are what await guests that take a seat in their dining hall. This Antonio's day tour comes with a 5,000 PHP lunch that you can consume during your stay to make your experience all the sweeter. All these combined with an exclusive helicopter ride offering unparalleled bird's-eye-views of the Tagaytay countryside, and you've got the perfect recipe for a dining experience that's second to none.

Top 2: Private Helicopter Tour to Corregidor from Manila with Lunch

Corregidor Island is a historical fortress that has survived the winds of war. Hosting a number of preserved ruins, barracks, and battlegrounds, Corregidor is a site to behold on its own. Taking flight from Manila, this helicopter tour to Corregidor will give you a unique vantage point of Manila Bay and the tadpole-shaped island from above for a great perspective of its strategic location that played a pivotal role during the war. Once on land, a historical tram tour awaits to take you around the major sites of the island to see preserved ruins left untouched for decades and take you back to the tragic events that transpired within its grounds. This activity comes with a 750 PHP lunch inclusion that can be used at a restaurant within the island. Combining historical immersion with sightseeing, this Corregidor tour by helicopter is ideal for families and friends looking for a quick day tour close to the metro.

Top 3: Manila to Las Casas Helicopter Flight with Lunch

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a cultural complex surrounded by majestic views of the Zambales mountains and Bataan seascape. This picturesque scenery can be enjoyed on a helicopter ride to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar as aerial views of the majestic landscape greet you as you near the heritage complex. From a time of simple elegance, the Las Casas tour provides an experience that truly immerses you in history. As you take a walk with an expert guide, Jose Acuzar's famous collection of beautifully restored Spanish-Filipino colonial houses speak of the long-forgotten traditions and intriguing stories buried within its walls. This Las Casas Tour package comes with access to the famous Hotel de Oriente boasting its expert wooden craftsmanship on full display, a 5,000 PHP lunch voucher consumable at any on-site restaurant, and a traditional calesa ride and balsa ride for you to enjoy.

Top 4: Mt Pinatubo Tour by Helicopter from Manila

Mt. Pinatubo stands as an iconic landmark that has drawn tourists and hikers alike because of its exquisite beauty. If you think it's stunning from below, wait until you see panoramic views of the whole landscape from a luxury helicopter—the best vantage point there is. The 1 hour and 45 minute helicopter ride to Mount Pinatubo will take you across the breathtaking mountain ranges of Central Luzon, the majestic Zambales mountains, and finally, above the famous Crater Lake to see its exquisite emerald-blue waters. This is a VIP experience that will bring you to a height of 1,500 meters or higher for an exclusive Pinatubo escapade that's one for the books.

Top 5: Helicopter Ride to The Farm at San Benito

Concealed in the hidden forests and across the vast landscape of Batangas, The Farm at San Benito will bring you to new levels of indulgence with their luxurious wellness spa. A visit to this tropical oasis is best paired with a private helicopter ride for exceptional aerial views of the picture perfect landscape of the countryside and impressive panorama of Mount Malarayat as you approach the sanctuary. A day tour at The Farm, San Benito is the ultimate VIP pamper destination in Batangas; internationally recognized as one of the best luxury locations for rest and relaxation. You'll be treated to unparalleled massage treatments, daily activities, and an infinity pool to relax in that's sure to breathe life back to your soul. It's also home to to the award winning Alive! Restaurant which serves healthy vegan gourmet dishes that focuses on health and goodness delivering a new way to relish the dining experience. A quick and luxurious getaway perfect for those looking to recharge from the hustle of city life.

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