The Ferrari Purosangue could be followed by two electric SUVs

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Posted on 30 December 2020 by The Luxe Guide

Who would have thought?
For the umpteenth time, McLaren says it won't succumb to SUV fashion. Meanwhile, Ferrari continues to develop the Purosangue (F175), Maranello's first SUV. According to the revelations of CAR magazine, this model will be released in early 2022 and will be followed not by one, but by two other SUVs!

These are known internally as code names F244 and F245 and would use the same platform as the Purosangue. Ferrari has already confirmed that its first SUV will be offered with a hybrid engine. According to CAR, the Purosangue platform can accommodate up to four electric motors.

The details about these two electric SUVs are limited, it will be a long time before these two models are marketed. The aforementioned F244 is expected to be released in 2024, while the F245 will arrive two years later, in 2026. Until then, a lot could change, but even a high-end brand like Ferrari is not immune to stricter emissions regulations. The electrification of the range is certainly on the agenda within the manufacturer.

In addition, with demand for SUVs stronger than ever, there are many untapped markets that the legendary Italian brand could take advantage of to complement its range of sports cars.

According to Car magazine, the high-end version of the Purosangue would be equipped with a V12 of about 800 hp. At launch, it would benefit from a 4.0-litre hybrid V8 with a combined power of 700 hp. It is said that it is a real four-seater and that it adopts a pneumatic suspension adjustable in height for better ground clearance.

It is interesting to note that the Purosangue would be designed with rear doors "suicide" and would thus get rid of B-studs (like the Mazda MX-30). However, this has not been confirmed and the vehicle in question was only spotted as a mule. 

With Ferrari preparing the Purosangue, the list of car manufacturers without SUVs continues to shrink. In addition to McLaren, other brands deliberately ignore SUVs like Bugatti and Koenigsegg, as for Pagani, it could make an SUV (and a sedan) after 2025.


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