Rolex voted most famous brand in the world

Rolex voted most famous brand in the world



The Boston Reputation Institute unveiled its 2019 Global RepTrak 100 , an international ranking of the world's most renowned brands. For the fourth year in a row , the Swiss watch manufacturer has won the podium.

Rolex, a reputation for excellence

This year again, Rolex is the brand with the best reputation in the world.

To establish this ranking , experts from the Reputation Institute conducted a perception study of a panel of 140 companies from a representative sample of more than 230,000 people across 15 countries during the months of January and February 2019.

It shows that the relevance of the Rolex brand has increased by 8.6 points, which is 2.9 points higher than the average of the other brands . The quality - here, the excellence - of the products greatly influences this score. The recruitment of ambassadors carrying the values ​​of the house - tennis player Roger Federer, embodying the culture of Swiss performance; researcher Sylvia Earle, illustrating Rolex's commitment to protecting the environment - is also an important lever for relevance.


"It is very gratifying to be in the top spot of the Global RepTrak 100 for the fourth year in a row. Rolex has a history of more than 100 years of continuous improvement and innovation at all levels. We believe that this is a recognition of our commitment to always go further, as well as our willingness to contribute to society. "



Luxury in progress

Apart from Rolex, the Top 10 of Global RepTrak does not include any other luxury home:

1. Rolex

2. Tea

3. The LEGO Group

4. The Walt Disney Company

5. Adidas Group

6. Microsoft

7. Sony

8. gun

9. Michelin

10. Netflix

11. The Bosch Group

In the Top 100, however, we note the retention of Rolls Royce - which is currently experiencing a surge in sales history - in 17th place. The brands Marriott, Ralph Lauren, LVMH, Intercontinental and Estée Lauder are also in the rankings and are making significant progress . Armani and Boss, however, while remaining well ranked, suffer a reputation haircut.


The challenge of reputation

While overall reputation ratings had dropped in 2018, 2019 seems to announce a slight recovery , set at 1 point.

Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, Chief Reputation Officer and word of the institute, however, insists on the need for brands to continue their efforts to convince - especially - the "no opinion", often unwilling to give the benefit of the doubt. "It's time for judgment," he says. 52% of respondents have doubts about the good intentions of companies. Companies that will succeed in elevating their positive perception, prioritizing their corporate responsibility, demonstrating strong leadership, demonstrating ethics, relevance and creating market engagement are the ones that will make the difference on the market. this new - and intimidating - era of reputation. "


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