Renault innovates with a luxury autonomous vehicle

Renault innovates with a luxury autonomous vehicle



This is THE sensation of the last 2018 World Auto Show : the Renault EZ-ULTIMO combines the technology of an autonomous vehicle with a design directly inspired by the codes of luxury. What extend the most upscale experiences.

Renault's new autonomous and electric vehicle, the EZ-ULTIMO, is a logical extension of the EZ-GO models, an autonomous on-demand taxi and EZ-PRO, an autonomous utility designed to facilitate urban deliveries.

His particuliarity ? Unique proportions - 5,70m long and 1,35m high - in the service of a particularly careful design and finish. Designed as a mobile lounge , the EZ-ULTIMO completely redesigns the mobility experience by incorporating an elegant living space. To do this, the French manufacturer has implemented the house mantra Easy Life by focusing on a wide automatic opening, a seat on pivoting slide or concealed luggage storage.

The layout of the cabin refers to "  French Design  " inspired by, according to the brand, Haussmann interiors. The lounge is equipped with seats facing each other for three passengers and is adorned with noble materials such as leather, velvet, ceramic or marble in a very retro-chic aesthetic. Nothing was left to chance, not even the American walnut herringbone floor, worked lightly so as not to overload the space. For added privacy, the side windows are designed with unstained mirrors set with Corian® details.

Customizable according to the service provider, the Renault EZ-ULTIMO is above all a luxury shuttle that aims to complement the services offered by luxury hotels, airports, large houses ... With this vehicle, the establishments have now the possibility to extend the retail experience  of their customers during transfers. What to establish new premium strategies based on the features already available within the vehicle route planning application, concierge console, exclusive editorial content in collaboration with Challenges Group ...

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