Porsche, a golden anniversary project

Porsche, a golden anniversary project


"Project Gold", so named in reference to its color, is an exceptional racing car designed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche. It is revealed little by little.

Vehicle restoration projects are no longer reserved for tuners and tuning pros: the builders themselves have a taste for them. Porsche tries it out with a mysterious project whose result will be unveiled at Pebble Beach this month. The Porsche Classic Division team worked from a 911 Turbo type 993.

A teaser reveals the silhouette of the upper part of the vehicle. A 42-second video shows the first stages of the car's development. One sees in particular a part of the bodywork without painting and partially covered with a sheet.

The seats will be black and gold too. We do not yet know how faithful Porsche will remain the original but it is certain that it will be a unique model and not a limited edition. Porsche has yet to reveal anything about its engine. The original 993 had a 3.6-liter flat six-cylinder, air-cooled. Such a choice would allow the car to enjoy 401 horses.

The German manufacturer promises that no such vehicle has ever been created. Case to follow.



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