McLaren Speedtail: a hypercar of 1050 hp able to exceed 400 km/h

McLaren Speedtail: a hypercar of 1050 hp able to exceed 400 km/h


The British manufacturer McLaren has just unveiled its spectacular Speedtail , a hypercar of 1050 hp capable of exceeding 400 km / h.

This Speedtail is a "Hyper-GT" which is now positioned as the ultimate road McLaren (how to talk because it is obviously on the track that it gives full power). It is indeed the fastest McLaren ever produced, capable of reaching 250 mph (a little over 402 km / h). Its hybrid engine (petrol and electric) accumulates some 1,050 hp for a spectacular acceleration from 0 to 300 km / h in 12.8s.


The car has a monocoque all carbon fiber structure with a central driving position directly inspired by the McLaren F1, the first GT produced by the British firm in the mid-90s, with one seat each side for the passengers. The cockpit is teardrop-shaped and the electrochromic glass of the windshield darkens at the push of a button in case of annoyance due to sunlight. With its aerodynamically optimized design and reversing cameras instead of mirrors, the Speedtail becomes the most efficient McLaren in terms of drag coefficient. Its tires have been specially developed with Pirelli.


Only 106 McLaren Speedtails will be produced and all have already been sold, at 1.75 million pounds sterling (excluding taxes) . Each purchaser will be able to benefit from the tailor-made service of the brand (MSO) to leave with an absolutely unique model.




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