Luxury villa in Arizona: A clever mix of discretion and history

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"We've lived in 8 different houses since we got married, four of which we built from scratch." As a new challenge, builder Anthony Salcito and designer Rebecca Salcito, constantly confronted in their respective professional activities with new ideas, new trends or new ingenuity, cannot be satisfied with a house that does not evolve: "it is difficult to see all these incredible new elements and not want to have them in our own home".

Working with architect (and friend) Erik Peterson and landscape designer Jeff Berghoff, the challenge was great: how to turn the land on which they had set their sights into a real private oasis when the latter was surrounded by no less than five neighbouring houses? How can you feel cut off from the world despite this real closeness to other people?

Focused on an ultimate search for privacy, Peterson's plans for the villa have been designed so that the pool house at the back of the grounds is perfectly aligned with the foyer, making it a magnificent focal point at the entrance. Various other elements have been built in such a way that they serve as a natural barrier with the outside world, like the hut, sized to offer perfect intimacy, or the abundant vegetation, reinforcing this feeling of isolation but also allowing the couple to abandon themselves in nature in the image of their domain: disconnected.

Inside, the Salcito were able to express their love of history, with antiques, antique furniture, and a French mirror dated from the 19th century. It is this mixture between the decoration resolutely oriented towards the great works of the past and the modern lines of the building that gives all the character of this inimitable place. Great sources of inspiration, the French and European style predominate the place with marble, large bright spaces illuminated by lighting designed by Eva Menz. Concretely: each piece seems to have its own identity and has been thought of length to offer the couple comfort, ergonomics, and appeasement.

Discover this house built as a real private paradise on earth through the photo gallery below.


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