L'Oréal Paris launches a virtual make-up line for video conferencing


The beauty brand surfs on new uses in times of social distance.

Signature Faces

While the Covid-19 epidemic has literally blown up the practice of telecommuting, L'Oréal Paris is sinking into the trend and the resulting needs to imagine a 100% digital makeup range. Stop the grey bet during videoconferences or other webinars: the Signature Faces of the brand come in three versions - Volumizing Capsules, Plump Shot and Fire Match - a dozen new filters that allow the brand to maintain the link with its community in a period of confinement.

Designed under the supervision of make-up artist Val Garland by a team of 3D technology experts, these Signature Faces - with more or less natural renderings - are available on MacOS and Windows via Snapcam software, as well as on various applications such as Zoom, Teams, Skype Hangout, Google Duo, Twitch, Instagram or Snapchat, which recently unveiled an augmented reality typing filter with Dior.

This innovation is a continuation of the partnership between L'Oréal and ModiFace, a start-up specializing in augmented reality and bought by the cosmetics giant in 2018.