Lexus x IBM Watson: an advertisement born of artificial intelligence

Lexus x IBM Watson: an advertisement born of artificial intelligence


Equipped with driver-assisted features such as Lane Tracking Assist or Lexus Safety Support, the new Lexus ES - Toyota's premium brand - plays the game of intuitiveness. A characteristic that the Japanese manufacturer wished to illustrate in its brand new European promotional campaign entirely based on the principle of artificial intelligence.


IA Driven By Intuition


In order to better address the notion of human intuition as well as the impact of images and sound on decision-making, the London agency The & Partnership and the Visual Voice interactive creation platform have participated in a series of studies in a specialized research center based in Australia.

Based on this prior knowledge, the two entities then designed the Lexus Driven by Intuition campaign using technologies developed by IBM Watson . The principle ? Analyze fifteen years of videos, audio and text related to award-winning automotive and luxury campaigns, including Cannes Lions. To collect and process this big data, The & Partnership and Visual Voice used a mix of recognition tools such as Watson Visual Recognition, Watson Tone Analyzer, Watson Text to Speech and Watson Personality Insights.


The human touch according to Lexus


In order to give more depth to the scenario built by the IA, the two agencies weighted their approach with complementary data , notably related to the Lexus brand and its universe.

The screenplay was then entrusted to Scottish director Kevin Macdonald , who won an Oscar for his documentary "Une journée en septembre" in 2000. During three days of filming, the filmmaker set out to put in pictures "the charming and simplistic way" whose artificial intelligence gave birth to the story. According to him, the story generated by AI mixes a certain emotional approach with the unexpected for a deliberately "non-human" effect. 98% of the initial script was respected.

"The magic of storytelling will always come alive through the creative process of the human," say IBM teams. As mentioned in the last White Paper of the Paris Luxury Show , the idea is above all to weave new collaborations between man and machine. Notable fact: the person in the heart of the campaign is a takumi, master-craftsman looking like a sentry whose mission is to detect the defects of the vehicle undetected by technology. Fascinating cross-media relationships that could play a decisive role in the Luxury Futures ...

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