Harmony On Board: The New Lagoon 46 Catamaran

Harmony On Board: The New Lagoon 46 Catamaran

Designed with young families in mind, the new Lagoon 46 catamaran guarantees to make onboard cruising comfortable and extremely pleasurable. This cat boasts of cozy living spaces all furnished elegantly with high-tech functionality.

Designed by Nauta design, the interior of the Lagoon 46 exudes a refined and elegant style while still providing modern, innovative technologies. The catamaran features a front cockpit, fully furnished U-shaped kitchen, and gorgeous cabins which ensures you sail along the open waters while feeling right at home.

With a complete cooking area at the back, modular front cockpits, and spacious moving area, the Lagoon 46’s exterior provides the perfect balance of different living spaces which is perfect for daily family activities.

The Lagoon 46 highlights harmony on board and enjoyable sailing. The catamaran will be officially introduced at the Boot in Düsseldorf from January 19th to 27th 2019.

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