Ferrari: hybrid models and SUV in sight

Ferrari: hybrid models and SUV in sight


The luxury car manufacturer Ferrari announced Tuesday that it would launch an SUV, dubbed "Purosangue" (Thoroughbred), at the end of its strategic plan 2018-2022, and that nearly 60% of its models would be hybrids. here in 2022.

The group's new CEO, Louis Camilleri, made the announcements at the group's headquarters in Maranello (North), during the presentation of this new strategic plan. He stressed that he "hated to hear SUV in the same sentence as Ferrari" and assured that the model that would be created would have no equivalent in the market.

"The vehicle we are going to build will be unique in many ways and will redefine expectations. Without error, a Ferrari with features that have never been seen before, "he said.

"It will be called + Purosangue + and will be launched at the end of the current plan," he noted.

The emblematic boss of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, who died on July 25, said in January that the first SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), a kind of luxury SUV, would be launched "probably end 2019 early 2020". He insisted that it was not an SUV, but a FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle).

Camilleri, who led the group on July 21 after a sharp deterioration in Marchionne's health, said the group would focus on the hybrid. "By 2022, nearly 60% of the models we produce will be built around hybrid engines," he said. "Clearly, we will go beyond this as the years go by in order to meet the requirements in terms of regulation but also to satisfy the wishes of our customers for significantly improved emissions, while maintaining the driving emotions that the Ferrari makes it unique, "he continued.

The manufacturer will launch in the period 2019-2022 15 new models, with a "significant" increase in the average selling price, also said the commercial director Enrico Galliera.

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