CES 2020: Mercedes presents its Avatar inspired car of the future.

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At the CES in Las Vegas, Mercedes unveiled Vision AVTR, its latest futuristic and state-of-the-art concept car.

The automotive luxury of tomorrow.

At the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas these days, Mercedes CEO Ola Kollenius unveiled a new concept car designed in collaboration with James Cameron and directly inspired by Pandora, the planet of the fictional universe. Avatar.

This car, the AvTR Vision for Advanced Vehicle Transformation, is a summary of what the future of luxury cars could be: electric, autonomous and of course, connected.

On the design side, the AvTR Vision has futuristic lines and is unlike any other. The doors have been replaced by large windows, allowing the interior to be fully visible from the outside. The rear of the car is covered by 33 "bionic shutters" in the form of retractable scales to communicate with the outside world. The wheels pay homage to the white seeds of James Cameron's feature film 'Tree of Visible Souls'. These would also allow the vehicle to move to the sides. Finally, no steering wheel is visible on the AVTR: the car is presented as autonomous.

An eco-friendly conception of luxury.

The German manufacturer has set an ambitious target: to reduce waste and its carbon footprint by 30% by 2030. Thus, beyond its futuristic design, the Mercedes Vision AVTR uses innovative materials that make it more environmentally friendly. Its construction has thus focused on the use of recycled parts, vegan leather for seats and rattan from Indonesia, the Karuun, for the soil.

The core of the battery of this electric car is made of graphene, thus avoiding the use of rare minerals such as nickel and cobalt, whose extraction remains highly polluting. The latter, recyclable, has a capacity of 110 kWh, or 700 km.

The connection between man and machine.

Like the imaginary world of Pandora where the Na'vi people connect to the creatures through a strand of hair, this creation uses a biometric recognition system to connect to the driver allowing him to simply lay the palm of his hand on the center console to start the vehicle and display the various features. "The car recognizes the heart rate and breathing of the human driver, so that man and machine literally merge," said Ola Kollenius.

This futuristic concept car will no doubt be an additional asset for the promotion of the second installment of Avatar, expected in 2021...

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