Bugatti presents its program "The Pure Blood House".

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At the Retromobile Show, Bugatti unveiled its new maintenance, authentication and restoration program.


"The Pure Blood House"

"Bugatti cars have always been outstanding cars, each of which stands out for exceptional design, outstanding performance and state-of-the-art technology," Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement. Press office. So that the owners can enjoy without ulterior motives this fabulous mechanics, we decided to set up, in-house, an intensive maintenance program that we called "The Pure Blood House".

The maintenance of Bugatti's historic vehicles will now be provided by the new "The Pure Blood House" program. Its development will be under the direction of Luigi Galli, newly appointed and specialist in tradition and certification. He will thus be the preferred interlocutor of customers or of the various Bugatti clubs that own old vehicles of the Molsheim-based manufacturer.

The French luxury car brand presented its new offering at the Retromobile 2020 show in Paris, one of the largest gatherings of vintage vehicles. On this occasion, three vehicles testifying to the evolution of the brand were on display: the race car credited with more than 2,000 victories in competition: Type 35 C from 1929, EB 110 Super Sport from 1995 and the last Veyron produced in 2015 (Grand Sport version). "The Bugatti Type 35, the EB110 SS and the Veyron represent three periods of our eventful history of which we are proud. These vehicles are collectibles of ever-growing value, and they exempl with panache our tradition of hypersportive cars," said Stephan Winkelmann.


Bugatti retains its customers

This program will include several steps, the first of which will be the authentication of historic automobiles. Luigi Galli and his team will work to gather all the information necessary to guarantee the authenticity of the vehicle: historical documents, registration registers, photographic evidence as well as reconciliation with references coins. This will allow work to be worked on the renovation of the vintage cars in order to send them back on the road.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Bugatti Veyron, the company has also presented a new loyalty program for the owners of these supercars who will now be able to obtain a warranty extension that can go beyond twelve years. Bugatti thus becomes the first manufacturer to offer this type of warranty on its vehicles. To take advantage of this program, it is essential that the car has been serviced annually with an approved partner.

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