Bentley Presents The Future Continental GT Convertible 2019

Bentley Presents The Future Continental GT Convertible 2019

The third generation of the Bentley Continental GTC will be making its appearance this 2019. For this brand new model, the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible promises to exceed standards and expectations. This GTC 2019 is equipped with a W12 6.0 engine, a power of 635 hp, and a torque value of 900 Nm. Its top speed impressively reaches 333 km/h.

The new Continental GT Convertible is equipped with leather and luxurious wood furnishing along with high-end materials and the latest technology to provide you with a seamless ride. The convertible features a sleek, new Bentley design language with its sharp lines, streamlined roof, and luxurious interior. In addition, you can take the new Continental GTC anywhere at anytime—even in the coolest seasons—as this car is heated whether it be the steering wheel, the seats, or the armrests.

The Bentley GTC 2019 is also highly customizable with its 17 shades and 7 colors for the hood, 15 different kinds of leather, 8 different kinds of wood, and your preference of stitching and diamond knurled metal inside.


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