Audi will offer a sports electric four-door by 2020

Audi will offer a sports electric four-door by 2020


Audi has just confirmed the launch of a 100% electric four-door GT in 2020 to rival the Tesla Model S.

At its recent annual press conference, the automaker announced that by 2025 it was hoping to offer more than 20 electric models.

The conversion of Audi to the electric passes through the box "Audi Sport". Audi Rupert Stadler stressed this point at the press conference: "We are interpreting the sports dimension in a very modern way with our 100% electric E-Tron GT. This is how we will propel Audi Sport into the future. "

This logic explains why the current Audi R8 will be the last. There will be no new generation. But which model will be the first to integrate the electric platform MEB of the Volkswagen group? Stadler responds: "It will be a beautiful, stylish vehicle with an SUV character".

Horst Glaser, vice president of technical development at Audi, told Auto Express that the car "would be about the size of the current Q3." He adds: "We understand the positioning of this vehicle by looking at its competitors".

The new e-tron crossover will therefore be in direct competition with the future 100% electric version of the Volvo XC40 and the BMW iX3.

What remains to be clarified is the way Audi intends to differentiate its electric vehicles in terms of nomenclature. A model like the Q7 e-tron, which is a refillable diesel-electric will, for example, probably adopt a new badge. Glaser admits having to remedy this, without specifying how.

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