Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947. The now global company was not Ferrari's first pursuit, as he formed the Scuderia Ferrari racing team in the year 1929. Because of their racing heritage, Ferrari was able to cope up quickly in the automotive industry producing sports cars.

The pinnacle of motorsports, Formula One, helped Ferrari develop one of the most advanced engine technologies every time they introduce a new model car. Their strong participation in the motorsports aided them to provide the best road-legal sports cars. Ferrari's line of supercar started in the '60s, although at that time the term supercar might not be used yet. The 250 GTO is the top model of Ferrari in the '60s. The following supercar Ferrari released is the 288 GTO, or simply GTO. It is the first supercar to make use of the mid-rear engine configuration. Following the GTO is the F40. Released in 1987, the F40 was released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari, and it is also the last Ferrari model Enzo handled. The F50 was the next supercar, released in 1995, and incorporates several new F1 technologies. In 2002, Ferrari named their next supercar after the founder Enzo. The Enzo Ferrari is the first Ferrari supercar to feature an F1-style transmission. The latest supercar of the Italian luxury brand is the LaFerrari. What's special with the LaFerrari is it's the first hybrid supercar of Ferrari.


With a reputable record in racing, you can guarantee that each Ferrari car exhibits uncontestable speed, performance, design, and driving pleasure. Needless to say, Ferrari cars are generally viewed as a benchmark of power, speed, and luxury.