Helicopter Tour to Taal Volcano


Helicopter Tour to Taal Volcano
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Spoil your eyes in one of a kind unique helicopter experience as you unveil the bliss of paradise of Taal Volcano. Be awed to witness the majestic panoramic view of the famous Taal Lake and see through the bird's eye view the famous crater that everyone would die to see.

Fly with our exclusive helicopter and discover what it feels like to see a unique perspective of Tagaytay with this helicopter tour!


Experience the deluxe trip going to Tagaytay and amazes the seamless beauty and spectacular aerial scenery of Taal Volcano.


Recognized as the smallest active volcano in the World, treat your eyes as we take you to the unbelievable beauty of Taal Volcano. Witness the unique geologic wonder due to its unbelievably shape and location on an island within a lake within an island and the spectacular panoramic view of Taal Lake that makes Taal as one of the most famous destinations in the Philippines. 

It is unique because of the fact that the volcano itself forms a landmass that has a lake inside its crater, and known as the “Crater Lake”.


Departure Area: Manila Private Helipad

Arrival Area: Manila Private Helipad

Schedule: Perfect schedule will be advised depending on the weather.

Note: Departure and arrival area may change depending on the client's preference. Additional rate may apply for landing fees.


  • Private use of helicopter


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