Helicopter Tour to Metro Manila


Helicopter Tour to Metro Manila
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Hopping into our first-class helicopter, see through the bird's eye view the unseen beauty of Metro Manila, taking you way up away from the traffic jams and hustle life of the city.

Make sure to bring your camera so you can take photos of the unseen exquisiteness of Manila Bay and La Mesa Dam, fall in love on the skyline of Makati City, appreciate down along the historic towers of Fort Santiago, and up to the fascinating landmarks that make Manila a city you will never leave.


Experience the deluxe trip and amazes the seamless beauty and spectacular aerial scenery of busy streets and life of Metro Manila. Aboard in our helicopter, soar with ultimate comfort and experience utmost safety and security.


With its unpredictable horrendous traffic, noisy milieus, and unconventional lifestyle indulge yourself to fly away and appreciate Manila from a new perspective.

Rich in modernized, historical, and natural resources, witness the unseen and real beauty of Manila like no one else do. Wander above the skyline of Makati, spoil yourself on the unheard splash of Manila Bay and La Mesa Dam, amaze with the historical setting of Fort Santiago, and appreciate the busy streets of Metro.


Schedule: Perfect schedule will be advised depending on the weather.

Note: Departure and arrival area may change depending on the client's preference. Additional rate may apply for landing fees.


  • Private use of the helicopter


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