Helicopter Ride to The Farm at San Benito


Helicopter Ride to The Farm at San Benito
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Discharge your everyday stress with this relaxing package; a luxurious 7 hours stay in The Farm at San Benito. Enjoy The Farm and its tranquil surroundings with its lavish amenities. Stay in that gorgeous place and enjoy a private pool that will completely make you feel like royalty.  Book now and have the most peaceful and serene vacation ever!


The first and only one of its kind in the Philippines, The Farm at San Benito is a wellness retreat centre that provides personalized programs for the restoration and rejuvenation of your mind, body, and soul. With an award-winning restaurant that serves raw and vegan health dishes, as well as a wide array of internationally-recognized massages, scrubs, and treatments using 100% natural and organic products, the Farm is the perfect spot for those who wish to reconnect with everything that makes life beautiful. Integrated medical services that fuse traditional healing with science are also offered, along with a plethora of activities for fitness, health, and sports enthusiasts…. and even children!


The Sanctuary: indulge in a variety of rich treatments designed to nourish your skin, energy, and PH levels. Soak in locally produced fresh coconut milk, virgin coconut oil, coconut fibre, coffee, and cocoa, or enjoy the infinity pool with a commanding view of Mount Malarayat. You can also choose from several womb-like private massage pavilions in distinctive gardens with their own water features. A night massage under the stars is also available for that romantic end to the day. Integrated Medical Services: pamper yourself with a slew of distinguished restorative treatments under the expert care of medical professionals. Movement & Fitness: need a reason to initiate or go back to a healthy lifestyle? Come find it in meditation, yoga, and movement classes available throughout the day and work with pilates balls, mini trampolines, dumbbells, and a Cybex machine. Or swim in one of the three swimming pools.


As the first of its kind in Asia, The Farm’s Alive! Restaurant is a standing testament to healthy eating infused with culinary expertise. For starters, the restaurant’s soups are served warm - instead of hot - to preserve their nutritional value. Their vegan and raw dishes are prepared by a plethora of methods that are designed to lower insulin requirements, as well as rid the body of harmful toxins. And every plate is a concoction made from ingredients that are locally grown and sourced, to give you a dining experience that will satisfy not only your taste buds but also your holistic health and wellness goals.


You will be picked up in a luxury car from any location in Metro Manila to the Helicopter private terminal at the private hangar. Enjoy the luxurious ride aboard the helicopter lined with sportive leather for your ultimate comfort. 


  • Roundtrip helicopter transfers
  • Complimentary 3 hours waiting time (Additional rate will apply for an additional waiting hour)
  • Reservation at The Farm


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