Aston Martin DB11

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About the Aston Martin DB11

The story of Aston Martin, whose twists are worthy of the adventures of the sweet spy that is inevitably associated, reads like a novel. After surviving seven bankruptcies in its first century, this great British specialist is on the rise, driven by the success of DB11, the all-new grand-tourism that is at the heart of its range. James Bond must be happy.


The boss, Andy Palmer, does not hide it, the new DB11 is the most important car that launched Aston Martin since the DB9, fifteen years ago. Not to mention that with a new body, structure, and powertrain, she is the most powerful, agile and frugal that bore the initials DB. To the extent that a car powered by a turbocharged V12 of 5.2 liters and 600 horsepower can be the least environmentally friendly.

In any case, thanks to the nearly 2,000 orders and sales in just a few months, the DB11 has allowed its builder to return to profitability and reap its first profits in six years, the first quarter of the year. 2017. Which bodes well for the future.

A New Beauty

The designer Marek Reichman and his team managed to create, with the DB11, a resolutely modern version of one of the most beautiful silhouettes ever imagined for a car. The DB11 obviously begins with this large radiator grille in the shape of a flying saucer compressed, recognizable among all. His profile is however lower and longer, with more taut lines than his predecessors, and even some folds and edges.

Behind the front wheels, long vents let in the air that rushes from the front to help cool down and create aerodynamic lift without adding inelegant spoilers. Same idea for large triangular jacks, cut inside the rear roof pillars, which carry air through ducts to the tip of the trunk. It's better to put them back on the ground without adding a big flapper. Barely a retractable blade of two centimeters.

The design of the cabin is entirely new, perfectly original and remarkably refined: you will never have seen anything like it. It's wanted, of course. All surfaces, controls, accessories, and controls have the look and feel of luxury items. Everywhere, punched leather, sewn or quilted. And if the big wheel and graphics controls look vaguely familiar, on the minimalist dashboard is that the DB11 uses interfaces and large screens of 12 by 8 inches produced by Mercedes-Benz, which is shareholder and partner of Aston Martin. The fully leather-wrapped steering wheel, a cross between a circle and a square, is remarkable on its own.

The body, made of aluminum panels and composite materials, is placed on a new box frame both stiffer and lighter, made of cast aluminum elements, forged or stamped. The door structure is cast magnesium. The 6.5 cm longer wheelbase than the DB9 allowed the V12 to be extended a little further back for almost perfect weight distribution.

The three driving modes - GT, Sport, and Sport + - modify the settings and reactions of the ZF automatic eight-speed transmission, dampers, electric power steering and torque distribution by selective application of the brakes. It is easy to play, thanks to two keys on the steering wheel. The DB offers a very good comfort, even in Sport + full mode, thanks to its concrete structure and a fantastic suspension.

New Vanquish and More

While the new DB11 shines, the majestic Vanquish is completing its end of career in the guise of special versions such as the Red Arrows and Vanquish S. A remodeled version, developed on the same architecture as the DB11, will soon be unveiled.

Aston Martin is also working on a mid-engined sports car that it will launch to rival the Ferrari 488, McLaren and Lamborghini Huracán. This one will be inspired by the Valkyrie, a mega-sport that Aston Martin develops with Adrian Newey, the brilliant designer of the current Red Bull in F1. This is what AMG is preparing for Mercedes-Benz, a 1,000-horsepower hybrid powertrain with a $ 3 million bill. Welcome to the stratosphere.