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LXV is an online luxury portal which serves as a lifestyle magazine, luxury concierge, and a marketplace for authentic luxury goods and services. We are a unique global website, aiming to reach the affluent, accomplished, and professional clientele. We offer an exclusive platform, a common ground for both consumers and dealers of high-end products. This provides an excellent opportunity for advertisers to concentrate on their particular audience as LXV targets a niche market and offers an extremely specific and valuable demographic.


Strengthen your presence in the luxury market and achieve your brand marketing objectives by being the top featured dealers in LXV, with greater chances of attracting luxury lifestyle clientele. 


  • We offer a luxury portal, reaching 30,000+ High Net Worth visitors, monthly, across the globe.
  • LXV reaches visitors who are in pursuit of the luxurious lifestyle, as opposed to general traffic.
  • The primary audience are men and women that are discerning, interested, affluent, and business-minded with a passion for luxury products.

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A contribution is a post that may either be an article, event, video, or album.

Luxury Advertising Solutions
Luxury Advertising Solutions

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Luxury Advertising Solutions

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